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First Album Release: Finding True LoFi!

I’m super proud to share with you my first release as LeSynth! This is a new and very exciting stage in my musical journey, as I shift from writing for film and tv, to being an independant electronic music artist.

Finding True LoFi is a concept album. The album and the song titles are inspired by a fantasy I concocted: the morning after an unexpected and happily-flirtatious encounter with a fellow android, a cyborg woman tries to work while having flashes and feelings from their date.

The music is a blend of elements of 90s hip/trip/chill hop, with more modern sounds: vinyl lofi breaks, buzzy synths, dirty guitars, and smokey keyboards. All cracked, scratched, filtered, mono-ed parts are intended! Nostalgic, yet fresh, Finding True LoFi is not meant to be taken too seriously.

The best way to enjoy this music is to put it on, and go about your life.

Consider buying Finding True LoFi at bandcamp:

Or you can simply stream it on any platform:

Please share and like the tracks, as it really helps me make more music in the future.

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