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Free Logic Sampler Instrument of the Day: Not So Krell Modular

Modular Synthesizer
Modular Synthesizer

Category: Modular

I really started understanding synthesis at university, in the late 80s, by way of an Aries modular system. Now, I have fantastic little modules at home, once again calling out for me, like the time-suckers that they are! The fifth Logic Sampler instrument is called, Not So Krell Modular.

For this patch, I used Grids to changes parameters on various modules, like Braids (the new FM patches), Instruo TS-L, etc.

The samples are sequenced loops, with a little sampled delay, and are spread out by semi-tone over 2 octaves. They are all in the same key, and are meant to be combined to create complex melodic textures/rhythms. I sampled them at 86 bpm, but they should stretch in Logic. Not So Krell has a rich sound which can be tamed for expression and/or mixing by using a Modwheel.

Please read the Read Me, as it contains the Installation instructions.

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Not So Krell Modular - LeSynth
Download ZIP • 83.23MB

You can hear this instrument in this short demo I made, featuring all the Sampler instruments of the week (minus the drums/percs) :

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