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Free Logic Sampler Instrument of the Day: Sweet Noise Lead

Category: Lead

The eleventh free Sampler instrument brings noise to the game! The miniKorg has pitched-noise as part of one of its oscillators, and I combined the two oscillators to make a whistle-like sound. I call the instrument, Sweet Noise Lead.

The samples are long in duration, and are spread out by one tone over 4 octaves. If you want, feel free to experiment with changing the play mode to Poly, and the Polyphony to, say more than 8 = fun chords! Vibrato can be dialed-in by using a Modwheel.

Please read the Read Me, as it contains the Installation instructions.

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Sweet Noise Lead - LeSynth
Download ZIP • 53.39MB

You can hear this instrument in this short demo I made, featuring all the Sampler instruments of the week (minus the drums/percs) :

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