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Free Logic Sampler Instrument of the Day: Warping FM Modular

Category: Modular

For the 15th Sampler instrument, I chose to focus on FM-ing the Mutable Instruments Warps' internal oscillator with an Instruo Ts-L oscillator, while modulating the Timbre and Algorithm of Warps with MIDI velocity. The result is definitely Warping FM Modular!

The samples are short, plucky, and have a little reverb thrown in. They are 8 velocity levels deep, on every semitone over 3 octaves. Warping FM has a rich sound which can be tamed for expression and/or mixing by playing softly and/or using a Modwheel.

Please read the Read Me, as it contains the Installation instructions.

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Warping FM Modular - LeSynth
Download ZIP • 82.29MB

You can hear this instrument in this short demo I made, featuring all the Sampler instruments of the week (minus the drums/percs) :

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