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Free Logic Sampler Instrument of the Day: Whoopee Popcorn FX

Category: Synth FX

For the 8th Sampler instrument, the AKS Synthi is back to show off its very special effects! The sound of this sampled patch can be best be described as frequency-modulated tag-you're-it-zaps. And so, it could only be called, Whoopee Popcorn FX.

The samples are short in duration, and are spread out by semitone over 3 octaves. This is not your typical, modern synth, so please don't expect it to be perfectly in tune. It has a rich sound which can be tamed for expression and/or mixing by using a Modwheel.

Please read the Read Me, as it contains the Installation instructions.

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Whoopee Popcorn FX - LeSynth
Download ZIP • 62.86MB

You can hear this instrument in this short demo I made, featuring all the Sampler instruments of the week (minus the drums/percs) :

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