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New Weekday, New Free Logic Sampler Synthesizer Instrument!

For 2023, I have decided to sample my hardware synths and give away a new instrument in this Blog page every weekday for most of the year!

The Sampler instruments will be simple: as I’m not a programmer, I focused on getting a raw, direct sound. Many of the instruments feature sampling for every semitone, up to 4 octaves, up to 8 RR, looped sustains, etc. You will have to use your own FX, as the Sampler doesn’t have reverb/delay, etc.

January will feature 5 types of synth sounds, 1 for each weekday:





FX (as in non-traditional synth sounds, not sound design FX)

Instruments sampled:

EMS Synthi AKS ASM Hydrasynth Roland Juno 106 miniKORG FS (recent version) Modular synth featuring Braids, Instruo Ts-L, Grids, MATHS, etc

I wrote a short piece to give you an idea of how these sound:

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