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LeSynth has been in love with synthesizers since the late 80s. He learned synthesis on an Aries analog modular system, spliced 30 ft of magnetic tape to make a cool loop, and learned sampling on an Akai S900


Over the span of a few decades, he has composed thousands of cues for film and tv, dozens of electroacoustic pieces for concerts and radio, as well as hundreds of electronic tracks for the web.


LeSynth is passionate about synthesizers: vintage, hybrid, modular, virtual. His studio has been and continues to be home to many electronic instruments, some with incredible history, others with an unforgettable character. He loves the variety of design, sliders and knobs, the endless possibilities that this instrument offers, and he finds tremendous joy at coming up with fresh synth sounds, new textures and combinations.


LeSynth is currently writing music in the LoFi genre, with a first full album to be released in January 2023.


LeSynth is Ned Bouhalassa.

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